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A large yet cozy living space under one roof-
the mangrove is a cohesive collection of coliving spaces
where diverse groups of people unite to live a fun and healthy lifestyle


Choose a branch that fits your lifestyle.

  • Live : Live longer than a month.
  • Stay : Staying for a while from one day to month.



 Immerse yourself in the delightful community of the mangrove.

MSC is the mangrove’s wellness community that supports healthy daily life and self-development.


We make time to heal and care for ourselves through meditation, yoga, and healthy food.

Day Break

Do you have things that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t? Try them with your neighbors!


Through events like insightful lectures and live performances, you can experience both small and big moments of inspiration.

Change Maker

Reaching beyond ourselves and our neighbors, we think about the community and society at large. We provide a chance to understand different perspectives in the world.


Check out the mangrove home life and culture news.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a type of lifestyle in which multiple people share a residential structure. It is distinct from a share or boarding houses in the sense that private and shared spaces are very clearly separated. It is a new type of living where you get to experience the benefits of living together and alone.

What are the advantages of coliving?

1) reduced living costs, 2) increased safety and convenience, and 3) the fun of living with others. You can find a comfortable living space with easy access to public transportation at a cost similar to that of a studio in the same neighborhood. Since it is managed professionally, you can avoid the usual headaches of maintenance that is often encountered when living alone. Coliving is seen as a new alternative to solving the housing problem in large cities where the population density is high, and single-person households are rapidly increasing.

How do I move into the mangrove?

We will assist you once you attend one of our tours and move-in consultations. You can apply for a tour by clicking the ‘Book Reservation’ button at the top of our main webpage. If you are interested in coliving but can’t make up your mind, try the ‘Stay’ option. This option allows you to stay in the mangrove as a resident for a few days.

How long is the length of stay?

From the minimum of one day to the maximum of one year, you can live flexibly according to your individual needs. Note that the minimum length of stay may vary by location. For more information, please refer to each branch’s repective page.
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How can I participate in the mangrove social club?

You can apply for programs available for the current month using the member-only app. Programs are open from the beginning of the month that they occur. Depending on the type of program, you may have to use the credits you’ve received or pay a fee. We notify the residence in advance about events available for external guests.

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MGRV is a real-estate development company that aims to make an impact by creating meaningful communities. We plan, develop, and operate the mangrove (a coliving brand) to improve the urban residential environment.