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맹그로브 스테이에서 하루부터 머물러 보세요

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Our community

Mangrove suggests healthy interactions between individuals to support diversity and growth within oneselves through the experience. Immerse yourself in the delightful community of the Mangrove!

MSC is the mangrove’s wellness community that supports healthy daily life and self-development.

4 Theme

Participate in various MSC programs under different categories!

  • Mindfulness

    We make time to heal and care for ourselves through meditation, yoga, and healthy food.

  • Daybreak

    Do you have things that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t? Try them with your neighbors!

  • Inspiration

    Through events like insightful lectures and live performances, you can experience both small and big moments of inspiration.

  • Changemaker

    Reaching beyond ourselves and our neighbors, we think about the community and society at large. We provide a chance to understand different perspectives in the world.

  • MSC by members

    MSC by members are prepared and conducted by Mangrove members themselves. Any member can become a host, create a new social club, or participate in social clubs led by other members.


Feb 2023

Check out the Mangrove Social Club programs by branch this month!

[Inspiration | 2023.02.08] KMCA
We invite mangrove members to the exhibition by artist Chun Hyuk-lim, who used to be called as Picasso of Korea. Listen to the subtle and interesting guidance of the docent and experience a unique world of work that transcends the artist's conception and abstraction. This program will be held in the K Museum of Contemporary Art which continues to discover domestic and foreign artists who revitalize culture and promotes the cultural value of modern art through various exhibitions.
New Joiner Night
[Daybreak | 2023.02.15] Community Manager
Hello! How have you been since you moved to Mangrove? We invite new members who moved to Mangrove in February 2023 to New Joiner Night. Community managers will tell you the details about the mangrove and its neighborhood. You can also enjoy the laid-back community by greeting and talking with the neighbor members.
Seasonal Dining
[Mindfulness | 2023.02.28] Community Manager
Seasonal Dining Program at Mangrove Social Club is back! Mangrove community team will prepare healthy seasonal meals by working with local restaurants. Invite your friend, meet your neighbors, eat together and experience a pleasant and healthy community.
How do I apply for MSC programs?

Mangrove members can apply through the Mangrove App. If you are a Stay customer, please message us through Mangrove Channel Talk on Kakao.

Is there a fee?

Mangrove members can participate with given credits or extra fee, depending on the program. Stay customers can make a payment on-site.

Can I participate in other branches' MSC programs?

You may participate in MSC programs held at other branches depending on the program. Please check the Mangrove App for the schedule.

What is the difference between MSC and MSC by members?

MSC (Mangrove Social Club) is a wellness community of Mangrove that helps people to lead a healthy life. You can experience a variety of programs such as lectures, book talks, and one-day classes.

MSC by members is a social club program curated by members themselves. Become a host to create a social club with activities you are interested in or love. You can also participate in social clubs led by other members for diverse experiences.

Can I still join the Social Club even if I don't live in Mangrove?
Yes, some programs are open to guests outside Mangrove, and you can check out the dates and guidelines through Mangrove Instagram.
Where can I check out schedules for MSC programs?
If you are a Mangrove member, you can check the monthly MSC schedule in the notice section on the Mangrove App at the beginning of each month. Stay customers can check the schedule on MSC sheet provided in the room along with the room directory.
I want to collaborate or sponsor a social club.
The Mangrove Community Team is waiting for various partners to create a social club together. Please email us at
I want to cancel my MSC application.
Mangrove members can cancel through the Mangrove App. Stay customers and external guests, please message us through Mangrove Channel Talk on Kakao. If you are unable to attend, please be sure to cancel your application in advance to allow others to participate.