MGRV is a real-estate development company that aims to make an impact by creating meaningful communities. We plan, develop, and operate Mangrove (a coliving brand) to improve the urban residential environment.


  1. We are a development company whose primary goal is to make an impact.
  2. We create spaces where people can be inspired and experience meaningful exchanges.
  3. We dream of more people living rich and meaningful lives.
  4. Our journey to create a better city starts with individual living spaces.


MGRV seeks for partners to grow together.

MGRV is an innovative real estate startup developing and operating the global top-notch coliving residential brand “Mangrove.”

  • Companies or individuals who own real estate assets and find it challenging to manage vacancy rates or are concerned about profit instability.
  • Companies or individuals who want to create value by developing their real estate assets, but hesitate due to the unstable rental/retail market.
  • Companies or individuals who want to broker sale or lease of land of a scale suitable for coliving spaces.

For partners considering real estate financing, stable monetization, asset sale, and leasing, MGRV provides solutions for the entire process of product planning, financing, development, responsible leasing, and operation. We hope that we can grow together through a trustful long-term relationship.



If you have any concerns or questions about MGRV, including building a strategic partnership with us, please leave your contact details, and our team will contact you directly.


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