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가벼운 마음으로 한 달부터 살아보세요

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맹그로브 스테이에서 하루부터 머물러 보세요

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Mangrove Sinchon is a coliving house where residents can benefit from thriving urban infrastructure and convenient transportation advantages. Each unit offers a fulfilling coliving experience that includes its own kitchen, along with access to various shared amenities and commercial facilities.

Early Bird Benefit

얼리버드 베네핏

Move-in date for Mangrove Sinchon starts end of February. Sign up for tour for further information.
Those who complete their tour and contract by February receive the following benefits.

1. Rent Free

You will receive up to 2 months of rent-free benefit.

2. Housemate Benefits

If three housemates move into the trio room together, we will give you a 2+1 benefit.

3. Limited Goods

If you attend a tour in February, we will give you a special limited edition goods.

* Rent free or 2+1 benefits cannot be applied jointly.


자주 묻는 질문


1. Can I invite guests?

Guests are allowed as long as there’s no harm inflicted to the other residents.

2. Can I register for regular parking?

You must register for a parking spot with an extra fee. If you are interested in saving a spot please ask our community manager for availability and quote for a fee.

3. Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, move-in with pets is currently unavailable. Mangrove will strive to become a space where residents can use the space with pets in harmony.

4. Can I add furniture in the room?

Additional furniture is permitted on the grounds of maintaining the existing provided furniture. Please take note that Mangrove does not hold storage space for furniture that is not used.

5. What can I do using the Mangrove App?

You can sign up for the Mangrove Social Club and reserve communal spaces using the app. You can also receive community team guidelines and leave inquiries regarding the Mangrove life.

6. Is there parking space for bicycles?

Yes, we have outdoor parking spots for bicycles.


1. I signed up for a tour. I want to know about the process after.

Upon your arrival for the tour, you will be asked about your desired room type, budget, and duration of usage. Please make your decision with the help of your sales manager. Afterwards, we will sign the contract and you will receive guidelines according to your move-in date. The contract signing is completed online so you do not need to make another visit post the tour consultation.

2. Can I move in without a tour?

Tour consultations are mandatory before signing the contract. The offline tour allows you to really experience the space and make a more solid decision.

3. What’s the deposit system? Is it negotiable?

The deposit varies depending on the room type and contract duration. Unfortunately the deposit is currently nonnegotiable.

4. How much do I pay for maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee depends on the usage you use per month and your room type. Please ask our community manager for further questions.

5. How do I make my monthly payment and utility bill?

You will receive a monthly bill via email. You can make a payment through wiring the money to our designated account.

6. Can I fill out a Move-in Report?

Yes, Mangrove Sinchon allows Move-in Report.

7. If I happen to be unable to stay for the entire duration I promised, is there a penalty?

If you have to move out before your contract expires, you will have to pay a penalty. The penalty charged varies depending on your duration of stay. Additionally, if you receive conditional discount benefits, you will have to pay the difference for the remaining months.

8. Can I move in on the day of the tour consultation and contract signing?

Moving in on the day of the tour is not possible. To provide stellar conditions, Mangrove Dongdaemun needs time for the room to be cleaned and equipped before move-in. Please select a reasonable date of tour consultation after considering your desired move-in date.

9. What forms must I bring to the contract signing?

You must bring a document of identification. In the case of foreigner or corporate contracts, your sales manager will notify you of the additional forms necessary.


공간 구성

A 16-story building designed for coliving lifestyle, Mangrove Sinchon offers 279 individual rooms along with various shared amenity floors where two floors are combined into one to add a greater element of openness. On lower levels, it has commercial tenants tailored to everyday needs, as well as ample underground parking.


공용 공간
Work Station 24-hour coworking space for work and study
Diner & Store Dining zone and convenience store
Social Kitchen Reservable kitchen space for cooking and meals
Cinema Lounge Tiered lounge space including rest area, pantry, and cinema room
Library A curated library that will bring you inspiration and food for thought
Work Room Reservable private rooms for various work activities and meetings
Relax Room A meditation and yoga room you can reserve and enjoy privately
Flex Room A members-only fitness room packed with professional training equipment
Community Room Reservable room for small gatherings and meetings
Terrace Outdoor setting for relaxation and leisure with a view of the city

개인 공간

*What’s Included

Furniture Desk, Chair, Bed, Wardrobe, Storage Closet
Facility System Air Conditioning, Air Circulator, Washer, Refrigerator, Microwave, Highlight, WIFI
Accessory Mattress, Curtains


One-person room
Separate bathroom and kitchen
Monthly rate 960,000 won~ *5,000,000 won deposit


One-person room
Separate bathroom and kitchen
Monthly rate 980,000 won~ *5,000,000 won deposit


One-person room
Separate bathroom and kitchen
Monthly rate 1,210,000 won~ *5,000,000 won deposit


Three-person room
Shared bathroom and kitchen
Monthly rate 690,000 won~ (per person) *5,000,000 won deposit
* The Mangrove Sinchon monthly rates do not include utility bills and maintenance fees.

* Monthly rates vary depending on the room type and stay duration and you can get the specific cost guide through the tour.


지역 소개

Sinchon is a very special part of Seoul with deep-rooted youth and underground cultures that center around local universities. It boasts its own unique energy thanks to its proximity to four universities (including Yonsei and Ewha) and various local spots with strong cultural flavors. Mangrove Sinchon is three minutes from a subway station, while various bus routes offer access to almost every part of the city. The location is also a walking distance from the Gyeongui Line Forest Park nearby.


20 minutes from City Hall, Yeouido, and Sangam
3 minutes from Sinchon Station (Line 2)
Adjacent to 4 universities, including Yonsei and Ewha


Convenience stores, shops, cafes, and an abundance of community facilities
1 minute from Gyeongui Line Forest Park
10 minutes from Wau Park


Sanwoollim Theater , one of Korea’s oldest small theaters since the 1980s
G-Line Book Street , a multipurpose cultural space for connecting through books
Woodstock , a 30-year old LP bar playing customers’ requested songs
Gopchang Jeongol , a favorite meeting spot for indie musicians
Minerva , Sinchon’s oldest coffee roastery

Address. 121 Seogang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul