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Mangrove Dongdaemun is a large-scale co-living house located in the center of Dongdaemun, a location with diverse cultural infra and convenient public transportation. You can stay for as long as you please while enjoying all of the many communal spaces.


공간 구성

Mangrove Dongdaemun is a 15-story building with 177 individual living spaces and Stay rooms for short-term usage. The first story consists of a welcome lounge, the community desk and a cafe. The two basement stories are filled with an assortment of communal spaces.


Cafe Lounge Enjoy coffee and dessert with member discount benefits in the hip lounge
Mangrove Store A convenience store filled with diverse necessities and fun goods
Work Station A 24-hour co-working space where you can focus on your work or studies
Library A curated library that will bring you inspiration and food for thought
Community Room A meeting room for small meetings and gatherings that you can reserve in advance
Cinema Room A home cinema equipped with a large screen and high-quality sound system
Flex Room A members-only fitness room packed with professional training equipment
Relax Room A meditation and yoga room you can reserve and enjoy privately
Kitchen & Canteen All of three types of communal kitchens including a spacious city-view canteen
Laundry Room A 24-hour free-of-charge laundry room with wash towers including both washing machines and dryers
Rooftop Terrace A rooftop terrace where you can take a breather in the middle of the city


*What’s Included

Furniture Desk, chair, bed, closet, cabinet, shoe shelf
Facility Air conditioner/heater, mini fridge, WIFI included
Accessory Mattress, curtain, lighting


One-person room
Separate bathroom
Monthly rate 890,000 won~*3,000,000 won deposit


Two-person room
Separate bathroom
Monthly rate 510,000 won~ (per person) *2,000,000 won deposit


Six-person room
Two separate bathrooms, mini fridge not included
Monthly rate 350,000 won~ (per person) *1,000,000 won deposit

*The Mangrove Dongdaemun monthly rates all include various bills and management expenses.

*Monthly rates vary depending on the room type and stay duration and you can get the specific cost guide through the tour.

Room for Stay

스테이 전용룸

*What’s Included

Furniture Desk, chair, bed, closet, cabinet, shoe shelf
Facility Air conditioner/heater, mini fridge, WIFI included
Accessory Mattress, curtain, lighting


Mangrove Stay provides short-term housing from a day to a month


One-person room
Single bed
Separate bathrooms
70,000 won~ per night


Two-person room
Bunk bed
Separate bathrooms
80,000 won~ per night


Six-person room
Bunk bed
Two separate bathrooms
30,000 won~ per night (per person)

*Please check the reservation page for the exact rate by date.



지역 소개

Gwanghui-dong Dongdaemun History and Culture Park (DDP) is a transportation hub with triple access to subway lines 2, 4, and 5 as well as local and city bus stops. It is a neighborhood that boasts diversity with all sorts of cultural and historical landmarks including famous traditional markets, a fashion street, DDP and more.


20 minutes to City Hall, Jongro and Myeongdong.
3 minutes on foot to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (lines 2, 4, and 5).
Proximate to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park (DDP).


Traditional markets, convenience stores, cafes, and an abundance of community facilities.
10 minutes on foot to the management office and post office.
20 minutes to Cheonggyecheon.


Jeil Pyunghwa Market, the center of Dongdaemun fashion
Cheonggyecheon Old Book Street, a chest of literature from the 80s
Central Asia Street, the Silk Road of Seoul
Singdangdong Tteokbokki Town, the original tteokbokki alley
Pyongyang Myeonok, the classic Pyongyang Naenmyun spot of three generations
Chungmu Arts Center, the hub of culture and the arts

Address. 334, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


자주 묻는 질문


1. Can I invite guests?

Please register your guests via the Mangrove app. Guests are allowed as long as there’s no harm inflicted to the other residents. But visiting hours may be restricted.

2. Can I register for regular parking?

Mangrove Dongdaemun does not provide registered parking. Please use other proximate private parking lots with monthly registrations.

3. Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, move-in with pets is currently unavailable. Mangrove will strive to become a space where residents can use the space with pets in harmony.

4. Can I add furniture in the room?

Additional furniture is permitted on the grounds of maintaining the existing provided furniture. Please take note that Mangrove does not hold storage space for furniture that is not used. In terms of electronics, electrically-heated items such as electric heaters or electric heating blankets are not permitted to prevent fire hazards.

5. What can I do using the Mangrove app?

You can sign up for the Mangrove Social Club and reserve communal spaces using the app. You can also receive community team guidelines and leave inquiries regarding the Mangrove life.

6. Is there parking space for bicycles?

Unfortunately there is no space for bicycle parking.


1. I signed up for a tour. I want to know about the process after.

Upon your arrival for the tour, you will be asked about your desired room type, budget, and duration of usage. Please make your decision with the help of your sales manager. Afterwards, we will sign the contract and you will receive guidelines according to your move-in date. The contract signing is completed online so you do not need to make another visit post the tour consultation.

2. Can I move in without a tour?

Tour consultations are mandatory before signing the contract. The offline tour allows you to really experience the space and make a more solid decision.

3. Can I try Mangrove out before I decide to move in?

Try out the Mangrove Stay program which you can use for a night. You will have access to the diverse communal spaces as well as the community.

4. What’s the deposit system? Is it negotiable?
The deposit varies depending on the room type and contract duration. Unfortunately the deposit is currently nonnegotiable.
5. How much do I pay for management?
The monthly rate at Mangrove Dongdaemun includes all management fees and utility bills. There are no additional expenses.
6. How do I make my monthly payment?

On the first day of each month, you will make a monthly payment via automatic wiring in advance.

7. Can I make a move-in notification?
Move-in notifications are not possible at Mangrove Dongdaemun. Please make sure to check your contract.
8. If I happen to be unable to stay for the entire duration I promised, is there a penalty?
If you have to move out before your contract expires, you will have to pay a penalty. The penalty charged varies depending on your duration of stay. Additionally, if you receive conditional discount benefits, you will have to pay the difference for the remaining months.
9. Can I move in on the day of the tour consultation and contract signing?
Moving in on the day of the tour is not possible. To provide stellar conditions, Mangrove Dongdaemun needs time for the room to be cleaned and equipped before move-in. Please select a reasonable date of tour consultation after considering your desired move-in date.
10. What forms must I bring to the contract signing?
You must bring a document of identification. In the case of foreigner or corporate contracts, your sales manager will notify you of the additional forms necessary.