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Live & Grow

Mangroves are plants that grow on the shores of tropical regions. These plants not only provide shelter for various animals and plants but also mitigate the effects of climate change. The mangrove consists of coliving spaces that strive to mimic the Mangrove plant’s positive role within our cities. Just as Mangrove plants embrace their surrounding environment and animals with warmth, the mangrove is a healthy living-environment and community that unites diverse people under one roof.

Live Bigger

 Spacious and comfortable living
The biggest advantage of a coliving building is that you can enjoy a vast array of amenities that would not be available when living alone. Create a richer everyday experience that combines the excitement of shared amenities with the comfort and convenience of your own private space.

Live in Wellness

A community with a healthy lifestyle
Experience real and tangible wellness. You can participate in programs designed to help you take care of your mind and body while creating meaningful change alongside your friendly neighbours. Everyday, you can plan for a better future within this relaxed community that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Live in Colors

A house where you can be yourself and grow
We believe the more that people are true to themselves, the healthier a community becomes. The mangrove is a home where residents live in harmony while being themselves. We have created a space where our residents can grow as individuals with insightful and thoughtful minds while becoming positive influences on each other.


Your private space fits your needs

Private rooms are designed to accommodate each individual’s taste. Create your own space that is perfect for you.

Colorful and diverse shared spaces

A variety of coliving spaces such as coworking lounges, workout facilities, and libraries expand the domains of everyday life.

The mangrove social program

The mangrove offers unique social programs that enact meaningful change through inspiration for daily life and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Rigorous safety and security precautions

We provide rigorous safety and security measures that include smart door locks, CCTV, and secured entrances.

High-tech management system

Through the use of our mangrove app, you can efficiently perform once-cumbersome tasks such as rent payment, gym reservation, and consultation.

Flexible stay

From one day to an entire year, mangrove offers a flexible schedule that suits your stay.

Take a look at our mangrove branches, each with its unique characteristics.

MGRV is a development company that aims to make an impact by creating meaningful communities. We plan, develop, and operate the mangrove (a coliving brand) to improve the urban residential environment.