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The mangrove sinseol is a large coliving building where diverse neighbors live in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul – a neighborhood known for its convenient public transportation. From the coworking lounge to the fitness room, there are more than 20 colorful common spaces to expand your domain of life.


공간 구성
The mangrove sinseol is a 20-story high-rise building. A member lounge is located on the top and basement floors with a variety of amenities. The floors in between consist of private rooms and facilities that need to stay closer to living spaces.

Bowl Shop <Soil> Healthy meals, casual Korean dining
Cafe <Sorrynotsorry> Cafe for the daily lives of millennials
Co-Working Lounge Coworking lounge open 24 hours a day
Library Intense and deep inspirations – mangrove library
Mangrove Store Mangrove’s eco-friendly store
Kitchen (3 Types) Three kitchens for three different cooking styles
Relax Room Private yoga room, all to yourself
Flex Room Fitness room for daily exercise
Cinema Room A comfortable movie theatre with a large screen
Creator’s Room Workspace for creators
Rooftop Terrace Rooftop terrace with a view of Seoul
Laundry Large-capacity washers and dryers


*What’s Included

Furniture Desk, chair, bed, wardrobe, storage cabinet
Facility AC unit for heating and cooling, mini-refrigerator
Accessory Mattress, curtain, bed lamp


Single room
Private bathroom
Starts at ₩798,000 *month with ₩3,000,000 deposit


Double room
Private bathroom, bathtub
Starts at ₩465,000 *month with ₩3,000,000 deposit


Double room
Private bathroom, bathtub
Starts at ₩430,000 *month with ₩3,000,000 deposit
The monthly fees for the rooms in the mangrove sinseol include various utility charges, administrative fees, and VAT.
Room for Stay

스테이 전용룸

*What’s Included

Furniture Desk, chair, bed, closet, cabinet, couch, table
Facility AC unit for heating and cooling, mini-refrigerator


1-2 person room
Twin or double bed
Private bathroom

Upper Studio

Double room
Twin or double bed
Private bathroom with a bathtub

Pricing can be found on the reservation page.


지역 소개
Sinseol-dong still has the fun and engaging atmosphere of Seoul’s first modernized neighborhood. Traditional markets and old restaurants are lined up, emanating a unique and lively feel. The subway station and various bus lines intersect within a 1-minute walking distance from the building, providing excellent access to central Seoul.


City Hall, Jongno within 20 minutes
Shinseol-dong Station (Lines 1 and 2) 1-minute walking distance
Adjacent to 6 universities, including Korea University and Sungshin Women’s University


Abundant shops for convenient living, such as convenience stores, grocery stores, and cafes
1-minute walking distance to Sinseol Police Station
3 public libraries nearby
10-minute walking distance to Cheonggyecheon


King Homemade Dumplings – the king of fried dumplings and mapo tofu
Samarkand – Uzbek restaurant run by a local
Seoul Medical Herb Market – Long-established market for traditional medicine
Cheongryangri Fruit & Vegetable Market – Fruits, vegetables, and fish market with reasonable price
Hwanghak-dong Flea Market – treasure hunt leaping through time

Address. 98-24, Sinseol-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

자주 묻는 질문

After you move in

1. What are the services provided after move-in?
Once you move in, you can use the [mangrove APP]. The app enables you to apply for the social club and services and make inquiries related to the residency.
2. Can I invite guests?
The mangrove allows guest visits. We do have restrictions designed to protect everyone’s comfort. We limit the visiting hours and record the arrival and departure of each guest. Guest visits can be booked through the mangrove APP.
3. Is parking available?
Free parking is difficult at mangrove sinseol. There is a paid parking lot in the building as well as private parking lots nearby.
4. Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at this time. Keep an eye on us, however, because we are preparing a branch that will.
5. Can I bring my own furniture or appliances to my residence?
Electronics that pose a fire risk – things like electric stoves, electric blankets, electric heaters, etc. – are not allowed. Other types of furniture and home appliances are. However, furniture originally provided for private rooms cannot be stored somewhere else.

Contract-signing and moving in

1. I applied for the move-in consultation. What happens next?
You can make a decision after you are consulted on the type of residence, price, and length of stay. You then fill out a rental agreement with the assistance of the community team. The process is completed when you receive instructions for moving in. After the consultation, you can complete the contract online without having to revisit.
2. Is it possible to move in without the move-in consultation?
We strongly recommend move-in consultation, as well as carefully checking the space and facilities before making a decision.
3. Can I do a trial stay at the mangrove before making a decision?
Yes, the sinseol branch operates ‘Stay,’ allowing potential residents to try temporary stays with a minimum of 1 night. You can have a short visit and use the mangrove’s public spaces and social clubs. It is currently in preparation and will be available soon.
4. How much is the deposit? Is it possible to adjust the deposit or convert the rental to a long-term stay with a lump-sum deposit?
The deposit is fixed at ₩3,000,000. Unfortunately, adjustment or conversion to another type of rental is not possible at this time.
5. How much is the maintenance fee?
The monthly fees at the mangrove sinseol include all maintenance and utility bills. There is no additional maintenance fee.
6. How do I pay the monthly fee?
On the first day of each month, you pay a fixed monthly fee for that month via automatic payment from your bank account or credit card.
7. Is there a penalty for moving out earlier than specified in the contract?
네, 위약금이 발생하며 금액은 계약 기간 및 실 거주 기간에 따라 상이합니다. 계약한 월비용과 실 거주한 월비용의 차액만큼이 위약금으로 발생합니다.